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Looking for a job? You can try:

  1. Registering with Labour Department. Pendaftaran perlulah dibuat dengan menggunakan Borang “P” . The Labour Dept booklet says these boleh didapati dari:-

  • Jabatan Buruh (go their homepage http://jtksm.mohr.gov.my and click on Profil Jabatan to get details of the nearest office to you)

  • Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (http://www.jkm.gov.my/ )

  • Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat (www.jtr.gov.my)

  • PERKESO (www.perkeso.gov.my)

  • Pertubuhan atau Persatuan OKU (go to the Associations page on this website for a list)

  • Pejabat Penghulu

    Borang yang telah lengkap diisi hendaklah dikemukakan kepada Jabatan Buruh atau OKU hadir sendiri di Jabatan Buruh berdekatan untuk proses pendaftaran.

    If anyone has a problem getting a copy of the form let us know and we will pass this information to the Labour Department.

  1. Jobstreet.com has developed a page especially for OKU looking for jobs. Why not have a look at the website and register on-line? http://jobs4disabled.jobstreet.com

  1. If you can’t find a suitable job or you have problems traveling why not considering working from home? An old Star article will give you an idea about the sort of things you can do from home ( )
    The Mothers for Mothers website is a good resource ( http://www.ehomemakers.net/en/index.php ).


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